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minutia n : a small or minor detail; "he had memorized the many minutiae of the legal code" [also: minutiae (pl)]minutiae See minutia

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minutiae p
  1. Plural of minutia

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Minutiae, in fingerprinting terms, are the points of interest in a fingerprint, such as bifurcations (a ridge splitting into two) and ridge endings. Examples are:
  • ridge endings - a ridge that ends abruptly
  • ridge bifurcation - a single ridge that divides into two ridges
  • short ridges, island or independent ridge - a ridge that commences, travels a short distance and then ends
  • ridge enclosures - a single ridge that bifurcates and reunites shortly afterward to continue as a single ridge
  • spur - a bifurcation with a short ridge branching off a longer ridge
  • crossover or bridge - a short ridge that runs between two parallel ridges
Minutiae also refers to any small or otherwise incidental detail.

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